Arrival, departure

Happy Balaton Turistaszálló
  • The rooms are occupied from 14 o’clock.
  • One room has a single room key and an entrance door key. In case of loss, we charge an additional fee.
  • The booked rooms are held for 18 hours. Please feel free to contact us later.
  • The hotel booking form must be filled in with real-time data due to the exact location of the tourist tax.
  • Guests are responsible for the orderly and cleanliness of the rooms, we do not carry out daily cleaning, but can be requested on special occasions.
  • Rooms and departure area: 10 hours.
  • Late check out: Up to 14 hours of 50% of the current daily room rate.
  • After 14 hours, 100% of the current daily room rate will be charged.
  • Guests staying at the guesthouse can only stay on arrival. To allow others to be temporarily not allowed. Visitors can be accommodated in the garden.
  • After leaving, we check the rooms. In the event of damage or damage occurring after departure, the guest is liable for financial liability.

The behavior in the tourist hostel

Happy Balaton szállás
  • Between 22 and 6 o’clock you should not disturb the peace of mind!
  • Within the hostel’s building the TOGETHER is not strictly forbidden, and outside it is only possible in a designated place corresponding to the law.
  • It is forbidden to enter a pet or a dog in a tourist accommodation!
  • It is forbidden to park rooms or hammocks from their area.
  • Cooking and cooking is prohibited in the kitchen (except coffee, tea, hot drinks) for cooking, serving and consuming food. After use, everybody is obliged to wash, stuff and order. All guests can use the kitchen at their own risk, subject to the fire regulations.
  • In the rooms there is a cleaning fee at check-out on the day of departure for garbage other than normal use (food residue, paper handkerchiefs, plastic bottles, etc.), which is 1.000 HUF per room.
  • In the area of ​​the hotel you can not drink liquor under the age of 18.
  • The equipment of the hostel must be properly used.
  • The use of electronic devices for wet areas (shower) can only be made at your own risk.
  • In the event of damage, the cause of the damage or its legal representative is obliged to reimburse the damage.


Happy Balaton szállás
  • When leaving the room, the door and window door must be closed in all cases. The items found at the reception desk have to be canceled!
  • We do not take responsibility for the personal belongings imported into the property (eg jewelery, cash, etc.). The guest is obliged to take care of his personal belongings and values ​​if he leaves them at the hostel, assuming responsibility for their possible disappearance. This responsibility does not apply to the tour operator.
  • Compliance with fire and accident rules is compulsory for all guests!
  • Store rooms with flammable, explosive substances, home-made coffee machines, water heaters, irons and other electrical appliances.
  • After open fire, cauldron and baking, open fire should be completely extinguished.
  • Please read the rules, instructions and escape route for further fire protection after your arrival in the room information folder.


Happy Balaton szállás
  • Parking free access to the hostel area. We do not take any responsibility for the car and its values.
  • Parking is free of charge throughout Balatonalmadi. It is possible to use the parking lot in front of the hostel next to the police.
  • Parking in front of the main entrance for security reasons is prohibited!
  • To leave the economic routes and entrances!

Finally, we kindly ask our guests to report any comments about the operation of the tourist hostel, the hotel room or other guests’ attentions at the reception or on 06 20-238-2299 to immediately inform the solution as soon as possible. We can not handle post-commentary effectively. Thank you for your cooperation!

We wish you a pleasant stay in our tourist hostel!


The management of the operator Gájus Kft. (Ltd.) and the staff of the hotel